Mixing Work and Play-Great Combination

I dont get to see my sister nearly as much as I should, so when I got the opportunity to visit with her and take pictures of her family, I was thrilled! I had rented some L-series prime lenses for another job that weekend, so it was great to be able to get double use out of them before they were returned.

When I arrived at their house, she and the kids were dressed and ready to go! We headed over to a local park and kids immediately made a mad dash for the play scape. I managed to snap a few candids of their playful endeavors, but wanted to get the nice formals done before they got all dirty. My nephew had on a white shirt for Gods sake!

We arrived at a nice open area with low grass and a few trees. The ground was covered with nuts;naturally the squirrels were in abundance. Settling in front of a mature tree, they posed very naturally! Usually a decent amount of instruction is required for formal pictures, but they did fantastic all on their own. 🙂

All smiles here 🙂

It started out as a formal picture, but my nephew made it candid! “Fandid” 🙂

My sister will be using 2 of the pictures for school head shots, and the rest will be added to her collection of family memories. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with them, and get some great additions to my portfolio!

Heres the head shot for my niece, I added some color splash

He takes fantastic pictures!

The original head shot. She’s quite a natural!