What to do with a ripped backdrop

Hey guys,
My husband needed some updated head shots taken today. So I ripped a large piece off of my paper seamless backdrop roll and taped it to the wall since my backdrop stand broke a while back.
Anyway, after I tore it down, I had a little fun 🙂

May I present the following:

The Human Burrito
The “studio blue” Superman cape
And the fashionable, completely sustainable, evening gown







Almost forgot about the Spider Holster Giveaway!

Oh man…almost forgot to post about how very much I want to win this Spider Holster Giveaway! You can tell that I want it really bad because every time I spell “Spider Holster” I think about spiders…and I’m extremely arachnophobic. But I don’t let that stop me! Lol. Here’s the link if you want to enter too!

Spider Holster Giveaway


Low Key Lighting in Mid Day

Right before the holidays I had the privilege to photograph a subject using low key lighting techniques. She approached me with an interest in taking a photo “with alot of shadows” to disguise her more unflattering areas. I was eager to do this, since it would be my first time experimenting with low key lighting. All of the research I did on how to shoot a low key image used the shadows for an artsy effect, instead of for a practical purpose. (such as hiding unflattering areas). After doing much research, I was fairly confident that I could use this same technique on my subject to give her what she wanted. (however, just to be sure I tested different lighting techniques on my husband for hours the day before)!

My subject wanted to shoot on a Saturday at 10am. I use a personal training facility with huge windows, and there was much daylight spilling in through the windows at that time.


A stock image of the personal training studio I use on a bright day.

Had I not done my research, this would have posed a huge problem for me. Yet I was able to expose with the natural light, and incorporate strobes to only highlight the areas I wanted.


Im not a fan of the “floating head effect” which often accompanies low key images when subjects wear dark shirts. So I added a hair light which spilled onto her shoulders as well. I would have liked a little more light on her shoulders to separate her from the background. I’ll have to improve on that next time.

Your eye is drawn to the brightest parts of the picture. Distracting from her neck/chin area, and from the shoulders down. It was tricky to use harsh shadows because she wanted her face well lit.


This was my first experience shooting a subject using low key lighting techniques. Id like to improve on a few areas, but overall, myself and my subject were both very satisfied with the outcome.

If you’d like to know how I was able to achieve this lighting technique in such a bright room, please subscribe to my blog and comment with your email address. I’ll send you an email. Thanks for reading!

Modeling with fruit

A few months back I had an idea to use photography to promote healthy eating awareness. I found a beautiful girl by sheer luck on facebook who really fit the look I was going for. Nothing helps sell something better than a pretty face 🙂

I initially wanted to use apples, carrots, and grapes, but the only item that looked desirable enough at the grocery store were the apples.. I picked the nicest looking red and green apples I could find. I wanted to take high key and low key photos for a bit of variety. The low key photos didn’t turn out as dark as i wanted, they’re really like mid key photos.. but using less light always requires more skill..

High key example


Low key example


I’m still at a point where I’m doing TFP as a method of exchange. I used a hairstylist and makeup artist for this shoot, and everyone showed up. That’s seems like a no brainer but when you’re working with a team of people that aren’t getting paid, there aren’t any guarantees! The final product wasn’t exactly as I envisioned in the beginning, but I’m pleased with the overall outcome.

Cruising in Style!


I was recently given the opportunity to photograph a birthday party/anniversary celebration for the CFO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. I was excited by the opportunity to take great pictures and make even greater connections. I knew that the pictures had to some of the best I’d ever taken, and having good glass is key!

So I started researching which lenses would be best for this specific event. Shooting on a yacht at night, I knew I would need a lens with a wide aperture capability. I decided to go with prime lenses. A wide angle, and a telephoto. Normally, I would go against using a prime lens for shooting an event, but I have 2 camera bodies, which makes it much more practical. I but the wide angle on one body, and the telephoto on the other. I also rented a spare wide angle fish eye lens. I thought it would be fun since we were on a ship. Here was the line up…


I arrived early to test my lenses and capture some shots before the sun went down. It also gave me an opportunity to capture the ship coming in.


I boarded the ship before any guests had arrived, which gave me an opportunity to capture the ambiance of the rooms before they were filled with guests.


I had anticipated capturing candid shots with my telephoto lens to make sure the moments were as natural as possible. However, once the guests arrived, the room was so packed it was nearly impossible to have a clear shot from across the room.


As the ship cruised up and down the Detroit River, I ran out periodically to capture shots of some landmarks.



I  thoroughly enjoyed photographing this event. It was a fantastic opportunity for me as a new business owner, and I did the research necessary to be able to get the good shots. 🙂

Mixing Work and Play-Great Combination

I dont get to see my sister nearly as much as I should, so when I got the opportunity to visit with her and take pictures of her family, I was thrilled! I had rented some L-series prime lenses for another job that weekend, so it was great to be able to get double use out of them before they were returned.

When I arrived at their house, she and the kids were dressed and ready to go! We headed over to a local park and kids immediately made a mad dash for the play scape. I managed to snap a few candids of their playful endeavors, but wanted to get the nice formals done before they got all dirty. My nephew had on a white shirt for Gods sake!

We arrived at a nice open area with low grass and a few trees. The ground was covered with nuts;naturally the squirrels were in abundance. Settling in front of a mature tree, they posed very naturally! Usually a decent amount of instruction is required for formal pictures, but they did fantastic all on their own. 🙂

All smiles here 🙂

It started out as a formal picture, but my nephew made it candid! “Fandid” 🙂

My sister will be using 2 of the pictures for school head shots, and the rest will be added to her collection of family memories. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with them, and get some great additions to my portfolio!

Heres the head shot for my niece, I added some color splash

He takes fantastic pictures!

The original head shot. She’s quite a natural!