Jay’s Senior Pictures

I was very excited to shoot these senior pictures as it was my first time photographing a senior session since I’ve started my own business. My husband and I got our engagement pictures taken at Kensington Park, and I’ve wanted to do a session there ever since. I went the weekend before our session and literally mapped out the locations that I wanted to use for posing. This made it much easier once the actual day came, and conserved a lot of time! We spend the most time on the Nature Trails. There was a lot of different natural backgrounds to choose from in one location.

There are multiple entrances and exits in the park, and this location was ironically at the tail end of our scouting expedition. It became our first location.


We shot in a few other locations, but the remaining pictures you’ll see here were all taken along the Nature Trails.






This was one of his moms favorite pictures from the day.



Jay is into these cool Hetalia anime characters that are named after different countries. His favorite is “America”. So i did a little research and found “America’s” catch phrase to be “I’m the hero!”. So I did a little spin off of that. It was a big hit, Jay liked it alot.





I found a wooden Gazebo in the center of the trail and decided to shoot there. Lucky for me, my flash batteries died and I left my extras in the car. Allll the way back at the beginning of the trail. Thank goodness for great husbands that assist on photo shoots!



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