Modeling with fruit

A few months back I had an idea to use photography to promote healthy eating awareness. I found a beautiful girl by sheer luck on facebook who really fit the look I was going for. Nothing helps sell something better than a pretty face 🙂

I initially wanted to use apples, carrots, and grapes, but the only item that looked desirable enough at the grocery store were the apples.. I picked the nicest looking red and green apples I could find. I wanted to take high key and low key photos for a bit of variety. The low key photos didn’t turn out as dark as i wanted, they’re really like mid key photos.. but using less light always requires more skill..

High key example


Low key example


I’m still at a point where I’m doing TFP as a method of exchange. I used a hairstylist and makeup artist for this shoot, and everyone showed up. That’s seems like a no brainer but when you’re working with a team of people that aren’t getting paid, there aren’t any guarantees! The final product wasn’t exactly as I envisioned in the beginning, but I’m pleased with the overall outcome.