Cruising in Style!


I was recently given the opportunity to photograph a birthday party/anniversary celebration for the CFO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. I was excited by the opportunity to take great pictures and make even greater connections. I knew that the pictures had to some of the best I’d ever taken, and having good glass is key!

So I started researching which lenses would be best for this specific event. Shooting on a yacht at night, I knew I would need a lens with a wide aperture capability. I decided to go with prime lenses. A wide angle, and a telephoto. Normally, I would go against using a prime lens for shooting an event, but I have 2 camera bodies, which makes it much more practical. I but the wide angle on one body, and the telephoto on the other. I also rented a spare wide angle fish eye lens. I thought it would be fun since we were on a ship. Here was the line up…


I arrived early to test my lenses and capture some shots before the sun went down. It also gave me an opportunity to capture the ship coming in.


I boarded the ship before any guests had arrived, which gave me an opportunity to capture the ambiance of the rooms before they were filled with guests.


I had anticipated capturing candid shots with my telephoto lens to make sure the moments were as natural as possible. However, once the guests arrived, the room was so packed it was nearly impossible to have a clear shot from across the room.


As the ship cruised up and down the Detroit River, I ran out periodically to capture shots of some landmarks.



I  thoroughly enjoyed photographing this event. It was a fantastic opportunity for me as a new business owner, and I did the research necessary to be able to get the good shots. 🙂

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